Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Some of you may have noticed that I have not posted anything for over a month! As most of you know, we have spent the last 9 months as homeless children living with mom and dad. We are currently living with Greg's parents and do not have internet access, which has been good and bad. I never realized how much time I spent online until I couldn't anymore. Our family is doing well and patiently waiting for this new little girl to make her entrance into the world. I went to the Dr. today and hopefully within the next couple days she will be here. We are so excited and can't wait to see her!! I will have more updates soon!!!


Josh & Sarah Teare said...

Congrats!! She is beautiful!! You are soooo lucky to have had your baby already. I am just sitting and waiting. My luck is I will have the baby come next year. Oh will the day ever come? I want MORE pictures and details!! Oh happy day to have that part over!

Skyler and Liza Dabell said...

Congrats Greg and Tash! Would love to see some pictures when you get a moment. :D